Place for culture in a historical home in Seville

A private home open to the public.

Although the building is private in nature, the entire ground floor opens its doors to be visited as a cultural space, questioning the division between the public and the private, the inside and the outside, opening its doors offering a programming of cultural events and guided tours of the exhibitions and the history of the house.

Almost everyone in Seville knows this house, the house of Don José Espiau, and keeps an idealized memory of it.

Espacio Derivado is a complete ground floor (170 m2) and along its route you can see the construction and historical processes of the building, showing the essence of materials and systems. Recognizing old parcels, including the layout of the old Morería street and the foundation of the primitive tobacco factory.


A unique place. Come meet us

Rooms dedicated to artistic dissemination and dialogue. We offer unique experiences where art, tradition and gastronomy come together to create unique moments in an unforgettable place.


We hold events on contemporary art. Check our program in social media: talks, screenings, live music, dance and theater.

In addition, we rent the space for private events. Ask us.